Online school…

Our teachers have once again joined forces with technology and have prepared work for the children to complete at home. Most families have a cell phone which makes it possible to communicate with the children, although we have not been able to make contact with some. Most days, the teachers will spend visual time by phone, with the children in their class. In addition, videos are prepared and worksheets given out electronically. Parents are really appreciating this and have asked for more work for their children!

All teachers and teacher aides have been able to meet by Zoom, and this is a great way for all staff to stay in touch. To do this, we have a hearing person sign for the deaf to see on their screens. We are currently looking into Zoom live captions so that what is said, appears as subtitles. This will be a helpful addition to signing.

We have been able to identify a few of our families who are needing assistance and our hostel staff will put together a grocery hamper for each of them, and drop this with the soldiers at the border of their containment area, who will then deliver it to the families.

Prep Class…

This year we have been running a “Prep Class”, for some of our older students who find the academic side of school a bit more challenging. The students will probably not go on to Gospel High next year, but possibly do a vocational course.

The year is designed for them to gain practical experience in life skills while still continuing with their school work. They have attended Gospel High for Tech Drawing and Home Economics classes. A parent has given them tuition in flower arranging, and sewing classes were planned before COVID hit again. Anare was about to spend time with a joiner for work experience, when school was closed down, so hopefully that position will still be available when school resumes.

The Prep Class
From the left: Teacher Aide Tony, Anare, Emele, Kelera, Ema, Teacher Pat

Fiji Times Visit – from Teacher Pat…

“Room 6 was doing the study of media using newspaper articles for comprehension, reading and answering questions related to the article.

I saw that it was a great opportunity for the students and they did come back appreciating that what they had seen was directly related to what they learnt in class. For my class, it was an appreciation of knowing how and where all the stories come together and as well as where it is printed.

Anare was impressed with the photographers who travelled with the Fiji Rugby 7’s team when they went on their 7’s HSBC tour.

We were really given a warm welcome by the Fiji Times staff and at the end of our tour, students and teachers were given Fiji Times caps, which journalists wear when out and about collecting stories.

The students were thrilled …………………………… Vinaka Vakalevu Fiji Times.”

At Fiji Times

On a personal note, Russell and Sue Neate, expected to be back in Fiji in April, but have had several flights cancelled due to the COVID situation. However, they are still hoping to return to Fiji from New Zealand when the borders reopen. Technology makes daily contact and Zoom meetings possible, and even some staff training.

Thank you for your support, interest and prayer. Fiji is in great need at the moment!! Bula Vinaka, and take care.

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